February, 2011
The Last Shuttle Project
A team of professional photographers and cinematographers documenting the end of the Space Shuttle program for museums

February, 2011
Z-Finder Shoot
December 3, 2010
Witnesses to History: The End of the Space Shuttle
As NASA counts down to the final shuttle launches, three area residents—two from Naperville—play a role in documenting history through "The Last Shuttle" project.

Jeffrey Ross grew up in the shadow of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. His father worked for NASA, and he was fascinated by space and the space program. But Ross was no rocket scientist.

For years his fascination was just that, and he never imagined he would have the opportunity to work at NASA. As freelance photographer in Naperville, Ross made a connection that would send his spirit soaring and give him the opportunity of a lifetime.

Ross is a member of The Last Shuttle team, a group of 12 people working to document the end of the Space Shuttle Program. Read on

November 3, 2010
The space shuttle Discovery sits ready for launch on its final flight, STS-133, at Kennedy Space Center.

Image Number: WEB11671-2010
Photo by Dennis Biela. Photo courtesy of Dennis Biela, Lightspeed Media, LLC. Do not reproduce without permission from Lightspeed Media, LLC

This image is also available for viewing at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum web site.